News Release - 05-21-2014

DELTA Resources, Inc. Job Fair in Indiana a Great Success


DELTA Resources, Inc. had a tremendous turnout of job seekers at their recent job fair held in Bloomington, Indiana. The job fair was part of DELTA’s recruitment efforts to attract skilled professionals to provide technical expertise and operational support for positions in the Crane, Indiana area. DELTA is looking for qualified candidates for multiple positions in administration, human resources, security, information technology, engineering, financial management. During the two-day event, 75 participants were interviewed by representatives from DELTA to learn about future career opportunities.


“Our visit out to Bloomington was a huge success and exceeded our expectations!” said Andrea Zito, Personnel Specialist at DELTA. “Through advertising in several local newspapers throughout Indiana, we were able to speak with a significant number of interested candidates. Candidates ranged from recent college graduates and those looking for a career change, to military veterans with a variety of experience. This was a great experience, and we are very excited to continue growing our presence in the Crane area.”