News Release - 09-11-2008

DELTA Resources, Inc. Honors Fallen Co-founder Bob Elseth
DELTA Resources, Inc. sponsors Pentagon Memorial Fund in honor of Bob Elseth, co-founder and COO lost in September 11th Pentagon attack

Washington, DC – In honor of fallen co-founder and COO, Bob Elseth, DELTA Resources, Inc. has signed on as a corporate sponsor to the Pentagon Memorial Fund, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization raising the necessary private funds to build and maintain a permanent memorial on the grounds of the Pentagon.

In addition to co-founding and serving as the COO of DELTA, Bob Elseth was also a Naval Reserve Office on active duty in the Naval Command Center of the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001. Mr. Elseth was killed when Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon on this fateful day. Still a new company, DELTA consisted of less than ten employees at the time of the attack. Due in part to the beginning efforts and vision of Mr. Elseth, DELTA has grown to over 180 employees today.

“In Bob’s memory, DELTA is honored to be a sponsor of the Pentagon Memorial Fund,” said Maria Proestou, president and CEO of DELTA Resources, Inc. “Seven years ago, DELTA lost a founder and dear friend. I know that a little piece of everything we accomplish and achieve is dedicated to Bob,”

The Pentagon Memorial Fund was authorized by Congress shortly after the September 11th attack in order to honor those lost in the air and on the ground. The Pentagon Memorial was dedicated on Thursday, September 11th, 2008. A commemorative performance by the Navy Band and the Sea Chanters Chorus opened the memorial to the public.

About DELTA Resources, Inc.
DELTA is a woman-owned small business, established in 2000 to provide program management, information technology, engineering, and administrative support services to the Federal government and private sector. With over 180 employees and annual revenues exceeding $20 million, the company has sustained growth through its commitment to excellent customer service and employee development. In 2007, Washingtonian Magazine named DELTA Resources a "Great Place to Work" in Washington, D.C.